Design and manufacture of components for CNC machines

We will make components and equipment according to your order.
We guarantee quality and terms.
We have been producing products since 2012.
The KDS Production Association, which includes PTK KDSTAN LLC and LASER PRO LLC, has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of components for CNC machines and various attachment equipment since 2012.
The list of our products includes: chip-picking conveyors, cabinet protection for machine tools, telescopic protection, oil mist dehumidifiers, oil separators, chains, as well as various equipment made of sheet material. Against the background of the difficult situation, as part of preventing the spread of viral infection, our company manufactures hand sanitizers and recirculators for air disinfection.

In addition, our company is ready to provide a wide range of metal processing services: cutting, bending, powder painting, sandblasting, rolling, welding, plumbing and assembly work. Production strategy of the KDS enterprise focused on the widespread introduction of automation tools, the execution of orders with high accuracy. The use of modern equipment allows you to control the production of products at all stages, thanks to the constant improvement of the production base.
Why is it profitable for you to place an order with the KDS PA?
We will manufacture parts for the modernization of production lines at small and large enterprises
We will cope with the task at 100%
We will fulfill your order of any volume and complexity
We will fulfill your order in the shortest possible time with a 2-year warranty
We use high-precision Russian and imported equipment
Own production
Highly qualified specialists with extensive work experience
We check the manufactured parts according to the quality control system

Over the years, we have gained the trust of many of our customers, which are confirmed by numerous letters of thanks.

All this allows us to look to the future with confidence and create products that we can rightfully be proud of!

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